5km Trail Run Course Map

The 5km starts out fast from the Harper Mountain lodge you run down the cross country ski trails for about 1km. Once you get to the water aid station you'll begin your climb on Ket R Done. Shift down a couple gears here because you're in for a good climb although very run able and with lots of incredible views on the way up. You know you're getting close to the top and the best part of the race when you turn right on to Chase On. Things start getting a little faster here but you're going to want to keep your camera handy because the view here is one of the best. After your quick selfie shot you have a little under one kilometre to go before you begin your final descent down the upper part of Nates and back to the lodge. You'll know you're at the top when you see the 'Downhill Challenge' sign. The final descent is steep and technical in spots but if you stay light on your feet you'll be grinning ear to ear. Give it your all from here because we're not only clocking your full race time but also this final downhill to the finish so everyone is getting a BONUS race with in a race.

Elevation Gain 210m

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